neck strain and pain relaxation exercise
Neck Drape - reverse flat neck & forward-head syndrome Bodybolster releases tension and strain. Recommended by Physiotherapists. Buy
back support for lumbar neck shoulder pain
Lumbar Support-promotes 'active' sitting and auto-corrects posture. Your Spine Is Stable But Flexible, Bodybolster Is Firm, Yet Malleable. Buy
Low back stretch .Increases mind body connection
Swan Stretch - increases body awareness. Bodybolster supports the low-back and focuses the stretch in the mid-back. Buy
bodybolster is better than a foam roller
Inner-thigh Stretch - enables fluid motion to roll through into a deeper stretch. Unlike hard 'foam' rollers, bodybolster assists with the natural motion of the body because it is elastic and pliable, so your muscles yield and relax. Buy
back stretch release pain and muscle aches
Spinal Back Roll - release tension in your back muscles Bodybolster invites a sense of 'letting go'. Your muscles relax and stretch at the same time. Buy
back support and roller
Release Your Body - when used consistently, the bodybolster affects muscle memory thereby creating the correct alignment and condition to effect change in posture and movement. Bodybolster is listed as a therapeutic product on the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia - (ARTG) 142584 Medical Device Class 1. Buy