Release your body

Self-help products  and resources to improve posture and movement

back support to relieve back pain, strain and aches which also doubles as a stretching tool.

Get out of painful static sitting postures!

Lumbar support

Your spine is stable but flexible, bodybolster is firm, yet malleable.

Mid-back stretch

Auto-corrects posture and stretching tool. 10 seated exercises to relieve tension, aches and pain

Upper back support

For tall people, with long backs who can never get comfortable in a chair.

Neck drape

Reverse flat neck and forward-head syndrome, by relaxing with a neck drape. Recommended by physiotherapists.


 I can feel a difference with my office seat posture. However, the real boon is from using it to stretch my neck out as I have that annoying ‘forward-lean-head–syndrome’ from the hideous trifecta of cycling to work, staring at Indesign for 10 hours a day and my iPhone addiction.

Art Director, Australian Women’s Health

Since I started using the bodybolster I can sit at my desk all day without worrying about back pain. It’s really improved my posture too.

Features Editor, Prevention

I received the bodybolster to trial for and found after 2 days my recurring lower back and neck pain had substantially reduced. After 5 days, pain that I had struggled with for over one year and pain that had not improved after visits to the Osteopath and masseuse completely disappeared. The only change was the daily use of the bodybolster. I love it. I even gave one to my father for Christmas and he loves it too.

Founder and Editor

The bodybolster is a must-have desk accessory for me. I suffer from lower back pain, and this product provides both instant and long-term relief.

Health & Wellbeing Editor, Beauty Heaven