About the bodybolster

The bodybolster is a therapeutic product and is listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) 142584-Medical Device Class 1.

It is an isometric device, used as a postural support and a stretching and conditioning tool - all in one!

The bodybolster enables 'proprioception'. Proprioception is ‘the process by which the body can vary muscle contraction in response to incoming information’.
It’s the sensory feedback mechanisms (our nervous system) for motor control and posture- and it is necessary for learning a type of movement or skill involving muscles.

Conventional foam supports hold the torso in a static position. They are inert and ‘passive’. This means the very muscles they are supporting become lazy and weaken over time, making the problem worse. 

The bodybolster offers ‘active’ support – meaning it offers movement and support at the same time. This is because it is an air-filled device which encourages mobility, allowing different muscles to act in turn promoting healthy, micro joint movement through the spine.

When it is in place you will rock slightly – this springy and supportive feeling is the beginning of a new way of sitting – breaking old, rigid muscle habits, releasing muscle tension, back pain, shoulder aches and neck strain.

Features and benefits

Active’ support
Relieves back pain immediately
Versatile (support and exercise tool)  
Relieves tension
Relieves pain from herniated discs                           
Eases stiff or sore postures
Adjustable / self-inflating
Corrects posture/alignment of hip, shoulders, chin
Reduces pressure on discs and spinal nerves
Optimizes lung capacity
Promotes safe in-chair stretching


The bodybolster’s heritage is in Physiotherapy

The bodybolster was designed by a team of Australian physiotherapists to enable  relaxation of the muscles and mobility of the joints.

Australian health practitioners recommend the bodybolster which promotes free movement and support, commonly referred to as  'active' sitting. This is because research shows that ‘active’ sitting can reduce pain and fatigue. Whereas, conventional foam supports are hard and cause muscles to harden, rather than yield and relax.


Self- inflating: You adjust the inflation with the valve. No pumps.
Malleability: Your spine is flexible but stable, so the bodybolster is firm, but malleable.