About bodybolster

The bodybolster is an isometric product, used as a postural support when seated, and a stretching and conditioning tool when exercising.

It's heritage is in physiotherapy; it was designed in collaboration with a team of Australian physiotherapists to promote relaxation of muscles and mobility of joints.

The bodybolster is a therapeutic product listed on the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (ARTG) 142584-Medical Device Class 1.

It is made with medical grade PVC and contains no latex. Its two unique features make it comfortable and easy to use; more intuitive, promoting body awareness.

Self Inflating:

It can be modified as needed for body type, comfort and structural limitations.


It provides greater comfort and  control of movement. This allows natural motion without the jerkiness that can sometimes truncate movement when using a harder foam roller.


Portable, versatile, effective, affordable!

  • Allows self-management of postural problems
  • Allows prevention and management of back pain, neck strain and shoulder aches
  • Provides ‘active’ support - meaning it promotes healthy micro-movement rather than 'static sitting' offered with foam lumbar supports
  • Eases stiff or sore postures
  • Corrects posture/alignment of hip, shoulders, chin
  • Stretches and strengthens the whole body
  • Lengthens muscles
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Reduces pressure on discs and spinal nerves
  • Increases suppleness and range of movement
  • Promotes mental and physical relaxation
  • Develops postural awareness
  • Reduces risk of injury to joints, muscles and tendons
  • Adjustable / self-inflating