About Us

Our Philosophy

The human body is a mechanical work of art; it is a sophisticated movement system. This system sets us apart from all other species. 

Our bodies are designed to be moving, yet today our lifestyle is more sedentary than ever before; we sit at a desk, sit in traffic, sit to watch TV and we fix on screens and devices to pay bills, shop, play games and socialize.

We know this is our reality, so we want to meet you where you are, with self-help tools that empower you to become more in-tune with your body and help you reverse the symptoms/disorders born from today's sedentary lifestyle.

We believe in personal responsibility and we know that our body responds to ‘good’ things immediately. But we also know that integrating and sustaining good habits must be easy and uncomplicated - so our products combine the concept of 'tool and skill'  to help you develop better body awareness and immediate therapeutic relief.

Our Vision

Make 'wellness'  practical and self-managed.

Our Mission

To promote healthier living habits by making small, simple adaptations to daily life.

Core Values

Trusted and respected; make a difference; helpful; practical and easy.

Positioning Statement

Our products are the ‘anchor’ that enable health professionals and consumers to optimize therapeutic results.

Value proposition

Provide medically validated, self-help tools and education offering experiential application/learning.

Brand promise

Immediate therapeutic relief.


Release your body

About our Co-founder

Like many people, much of my working life was spent bound to a desk and I soon found myself developing stiffness, aches and pains as a result.I was working in Management Consulting, and I was also a shareholder of what was the first multi-disciplinary injury and rehabilitation centre in Sydney, Australia – with 13 disciplines under one roof. This pioneering, patient-centric model allowed our team to manage patients with the duty of care that gave patients more options (a tool kit, not just one tool).

This posed the question about peoples' environment and lifestyle habits once they returned to their ‘life’ after treatment - and highlighted the need for products and resources that can easily integrate into peoples' lives to maintain and prolong wellness.

Our products are developed by qualified professionals in allied health - all details carefully considered, so you get the best in know-how and tool.

The bodybolster is listed with Australian regulatory associations to ensure effectiveness and safe use.

You are in good company. People all over the world use our products -

  • Fitness centres and health clubs;
  • The allied health and medical community - and their patients;
  • Instructors of Pilates, Yoga and Feldenkrais - and their clients;
  • Employers who need to manage occupational health in the workplace

Enjoy the feel-good rewards of 'built-in' wellbeing. You’ve made a good start.