How to use it


Many of our daily activities, such as driving or working on a computer, involve reaching forward with our heads and hands, causing our necks to stiffen, shoulders to curl and our chest muscles to shorten and tighten. 

The bodybolster is easily integrated into your daily activities during work, play and rest.


Sitting in a static position for prolonged periods is unnatural for the body. The bodybolster allows you to vary postures while maintaining correct alignment.
Re-position it at different angles and inflation levels, to stretch, release tension and vary movement - so your time spent seated is more beneficial to your body.

The bodybolster offers ‘active’ support. Its springy texture offers movement, strengthening as it supports. This eliminates muscle fatigue, as muscles act in turn reducing stiffness, relieving shoulder aches, neck strain, back pain and lower spinal nerve pressure.

Used consistently, the bodybolster influences muscle memory thereby creating the condition to affect change in postural habits.


The bodybolster is your portable gym. Start the day with head to toe stretches. The bodybolster assists with the natural motion of the body, encouraging fluid movement over joints and protrusion – so every stretch is lengthened by a further 20%.

Isolate and target individual muscles and joints more efficiently without the pain that you'd normally experience with a foam roller.

It is ideal for active sports enthusiasts  and well-being practitioners alike, to improve conditioning and range of motion.Use it to relax, stretch, mobilise, extend, lengthen
and adjust body position. See exercises


The bodybolster is the best self-help tool to release muscle tension and relax the back.

Unwind and loosen up by lying on the floor (or bed). Place the bodybolster in tight, rigid areas like the neck, mid back, low back - and feel the tension release in moments. The bodybolster’s unique combination of firmness and malleability allows your muscles to yield and relax.

Use it to prop yourself up when watching TV, on the floor, in bed, or when you are out and about, camping or at the beach. It is an ideal travel companion for neck and back support and it is also used to perform in-flight exercises to keep the body supple and improve blood circulation which assists in the prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

The bodybolster is a therapeutic product and is listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) 142584-Medical Device Class 1