How to use it

Bodybolster is easily integrated into your daily activities during work, play and rest. Tiny adjustments can make a BIG difference. 

For Work

The bodybolster provides ‘active’ support. Its malleable yet firm texture offers movement, strengthening as it supports. 

Neurologically, the body is conforming to a new shape such that new postures can then be developed from this. 

When in place, you will rock slightly – this springy and supportive feeling is the beginning of a new way of sitting – breaking old, rigid muscle habits, releasing muscle tension, back pain, shoulder aches and neck strain.

Re-position it at different angles and inflation levels to stretch, release tension and vary movement - so your time spent seated is more beneficial to your body.

Australian allied health practitioners recommend the bodybolster as a seated support because it promotes free movement and support simultaneously, commonly referred to as ’active' sitting.

Research shows that ‘active’ sitting encourages mobility, allowing different muscles to act in turn, promoting healthy, micro joint movement, reducing pain from strained and fatigued muscles.

Conventional ‘foam supports’ hold the torso in a static position. They are inert and ‘passive’. This means the very muscles they are supporting become lazy and weaken over time, making the problem worse.

The bodybolster is the 'new generation' , smart, lumbar support. (See 10 seated  exercises written by Australian Physiotherapist)

For Play

The bodybolster has similar functionality to the gym ball and the foam roller, whilst providing greater comfort and control.

It enables 'proprioception' (the process by which the body can vary muscle contraction in response to incoming information) - the sensory feedback mechanisms (our nervous system) for motor control and posture - and it is necessary for learning a type of movement or skill involving muscles.

The advantage of using the bodybolster as opposed to other more intrusive-devices, is that it is pliable and this feature allows you to relax over the bodybolster such that the muscles are able to yield.

It is ideal for active sports enthusiasts as well as more moderate well-being practitioners alike, to improve conditioning, flexibility, range of motion and mobilization.

For Rest

The bodybolster is the best self-help tool to release muscle tension and relax the back.

Unwind and loosen up by lying on the floor (or bed). Place the bodybolster in tight, rigid areas like the neck, mid back, low back - and feel the tension release in moments. The bodybolster’s unique combination of firmness and malleability allows your muscles to yield and relax.

Use it to prop yourself up when watching TV, on the floor, in bed, or when you are out and about, camping or at the beach. It is an ideal travel companion for neck and back support and it is also used to perform in-flight exercises to keep the body supple and improve blood circulation which assists in the prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

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Portable, versatile, effective, affordable!

  • Allows self-management of postural problems
  • Allows prevention and management of back pain, neck strain and shoulder aches
  • Provides ‘active’ support - meaning it promotes healthy micro-movement rather than static sitting with foam supports
  • Eases stiff or sore postures
  • Corrects posture/alignment of hip, shoulders, chin
  • Stretches and strengthens the whole body
  • Lengthens muscles
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Reduces pressure on discs and spinal nerves
  • Increases suppleness and range of movement
  • Promotes mental and physical relaxation
  • Develops postural awareness
  • Reduces risk of injury to joints, muscles and tendons
  • Adjustable / self-inflating

The bodybolster is a therapeutic product and is listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) 142584-Medical Device Class 1